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Here's why your organization needs Social Ambassador.

Why Social Ambassador?

Now more than ever companies are looking to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility through social media. Social Ambassador is the link between you, those companies and the individuals supporting your cause.


A Social Ambassador campaign partners you with a company and launches a viral social media campaign while your organization is on the receiving end of a generous contribution from the philanthropic corporate partner.

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How will Social Ambassador help my cause?

A unique campaign website showcases information about your cause and features widgets that make it easy for Facebook and Twitter users to take action and share or re-tweet the campaign's message to their online contacts. Social Ambassador lets users do the advertising for you.
For each of those interactions, the corporate partner makes a contribution to your cause.


Throughout the campaign, Social Ambassador's groundbreaking technology compiles relevant data about the people participating in the campaign:
Who are they? Where are they from? How much influence do they have within their social media community?

What about after a Social Ambassador campaign?

Social Ambassador gathers and tracks this useful information giving you the ability to post-engage with participants - Ambassadors, as we call them - during and after the campaign. Make a lasting impact by using this opportunity to thank supporters and educate them about what your organization is doing and invite them to remain involved with the cause.

Do you know your supporters? Do you really know them?

Engaging through social media channels is important because it is in these online communities that people express their passions to their network of contacts. Partnering with Social Ambassador opens the door to gathering relevant information and insight about your supporters through their social media activities.

Where do they live? How old are they?
How much influence do they have within their circle of contacts?

These are all questions Social Ambassador's groundbreaking platform answers. With Social Ambassador, we compile all the relevant data about your supporters and develop a post-engagement strategy for campaign participants - or Ambassadors, as we call them.