With Social Ambassador you become someone's story.
Be the main character — the hero. Be the change. Be remembered.
It all begins with philanthroship.

You probably recognize parts of the word "philanthroship."
We have indeed created a new word to represent what Social Ambassador is all about.
(If "twerk" can be in the dictionary, "philanthroship" isn't far behind!)

The whole idea behind philanthroship is pairing philanthropy and corporate sponsorship to align passion and influence for social change with individuals on social media. As we like to say,
"Do well by doing good."

And what is Social Ambassador?
Social Ambassador is cause marketing at it’s best. We help companies do well by doing good.
It's an all-in-one program. The best part is it is easy.
Imagine having a community of people in social media promoting your brand for you.

What does Social Ambassador do for you?

With Social Ambassador your company will:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Be positioned as an industry leader
  • Change/reinforce behavior
  • Showcase community/social responsibility
  • Drive retail/dealer/online traffic
  • Capture data/generate leads

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How does Social Ambassador work?

Our three-pillar strategy has allowed us to design a technology platform that is simple and game changing.

How it works:

  1. Complete strategic discovery meeting
  2. Provide your branding requirement
  3. We will match you with the right cause partner (new or existing)
  4. Activate the cause marketing campaign
  5. Watch people tell story about your brand
  6. Measure your success with specific and detailed data about your community
  7. Post-engage using one-to-one relationships