Are Ambassadors Made or Born?

It seems to me that there are two types of passionate people: Those people that ooze passion and will dive into a cause with all their heart, and those people that will jump on the passion bandwagon only if they see their friends participating and it seems like the popular thing to do. Read more

So Why DID You Call?

Thought I would share a quick story with you.

Sitting on the dock at the lake with my husband, enjoying a beautiful Sunday lunch, it’s the perfect day. My mobile rings with a number I don’t recognize. Turns out it is somebody calling from a national nonprofit organization. Everything went downhill from there. Read more

The Best Escape for Think Time

I attended our annual management retreat last week. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office environment and, as Tom Watson famously said, “think.” Tom started a little company called International Business Machines — that’s IBM for anyone born after 1960.

With all of the distractions of the modern office environment and the very real benefits of being connected to everyone /anywhere the one thing that is sadly underrated is the simple act of staring out the window and wondering what could be. Read more

What’s Old Is New Again

Is it just me or are there other people out there who find that keeping up with the fast-paced world of “being social” is both exhilarating and exhausting? I decided to attend the Social Media Marketing World conference for the first time this year for two reasons: First, to learn about new trends and emerging technologies and how we can best integrate into and position our business moving forward; Second, to discover new ways that we can help our clients achieve results. Read more

Capacity Rather Than Conflict

We’ve had some push-back from digital departments about deploying Social Ambassador campaigns on their behalf. Many managers suggest that they have the tools and the people that can handle what we do.

Our experience suggests that most digital departments are overworked already with what they have on their plate and can’t take on any more campaign projects.

Here is some good news: Our team is completely self contained and we are able to deliver cause marketing sponsorship campaigns from concept to completion. Read more