The Best Escape for Think Time

I attended our annual management retreat last week. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office environment and, as Tom Watson famously said, “think.” Tom started a little company called International Business Machines — that’s IBM for anyone born after 1960.

With all of the distractions of the modern office environment and the very real benefits of being connected to everyone/anywhere the one thing that is sadly underrated is the simple act of staring out the window and wondering what could be.

Capacity Rather Than Conflict

We’ve had some push-back from digital departments about deploying Social Ambassador campaigns on their behalf. Many managers suggest that they have the tools and the people that can handle what we do.

Our experience suggests that most digital departments are overworked already with what they have on their plate and can’t take on any more campaign projects.

Here is some good news: Our team is completely self contained and we are able to deliver cause marketing sponsorship campaigns from concept to completion.

1984 or the Jetsons?

Amazon has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. The more I read about the company and its leadership the more it becomes clear that they have not read the rule book. This is what makes Amazon so disruptive.

As a concept and a platform there is no segment of the economy that it will not or cannot touch. A truly frictionless customer engagement platform could change the way that non-profits operate. The announcement that Amazon will release a smartphone is just noise.

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Little Titus’s life was hanging in the balance. The cute puppy had behavioral issues and a skin condition requiring expensive medication. Like many dogs at a humane society, Titus had a short shelf life since he couldn’t attract someone to give him a forever home. He was, what they call, a “death row dog” – scheduled to be euthanized at noon.

Titus was found wandering alongside a busy street, dodging rush-hour traffic. As cars slowed when Titus weaved in and out of the lanes, he attempted to approach the cars possibly thinking they were there to rescue him.

#PrayForMoncton Unites World on Social Media

Let’s be honest, sometimes the stupidest things trend in social media. But then there are also times when platforms like Twitter are incredibly useful – especially in times of crisis.

Following last week’s tragic events in Moncton, N.B., where three police officers were killed in the line of duty, Social Ambassador began tracking #PrayForMoncton as it quickly began trending – not just in Moncton, not just in New Brunswick, not just in Canada… but worldwide.

The Brilliance of E-Gaming

I just returned home from the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago. Organizers did a fantastic job at setting up an environment of collaboration and learning. I met some awesome people from organizations that are doing some amazing social change programs. I found it to be very inspiring.

One of the coolest things that I learned and took away was looking at gaming and e-sports in a way that not many of us had thought.