Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Little Titus’s life was hanging in the balance. The cute puppy had behavioral issues and a skin condition requiring expensive medication. Like many dogs at a humane society, Titus had a short shelf life since he couldn’t attract someone to give him a forever home. He was, what they call, a “death row dog” – scheduled to be euthanized at noon.

Titus was found wandering alongside a busy street, dodging rush-hour traffic. As cars slowed when Titus weaved in and out of the lanes, he attempted to approach the cars possibly thinking they were there to rescue him.

#PrayForMoncton Unites World on Social Media

Let’s be honest, sometimes the stupidest things trend in social media. But then there are also times when platforms like Twitter are incredibly useful – especially in times of crisis.

Following last week’s tragic events in Moncton, N.B., where three police officers were killed in the line of duty, Social Ambassador began tracking #PrayForMoncton as it quickly began trending – not just in Moncton, not just in New Brunswick, not just in Canada… but worldwide.

Supporting the Cause Never Tasted So Good

There is no denying that the Salvation Army has been doing great work for decades. But today we recognize their sweet work (sorry, we had to) on National Donut Day – or Doughnut, depending on how you spell it.

Since 1938, the first Friday in June has had the deep-fried designation. It started during World War I when a military doctor went to a bakery on his way to the military base. Once he got to the base he began treating wounded soldiers and offered them a doughnut.

So, Why Do You Do What You Do?

There are hundreds of people laying on the beach in Puerto Vallarta right now. They are enjoying the sounds of waves crashing and feeling the wind brush against their tanned skin. Naturally, a pale Canadian guy disturbs the tranquility and starts asking them random questions. And yes, I hold up my Social Ambassador badge like it’s a police officer’s identification. Thankfully I haven’t been pepper sprayed by someone I am annoying. Geez, I feel like Howie Mandel.

Apparently Customers Want to Be Treated Equally… So They Tell Me

Apparently Customers Want to Be Treated Equally… So They Tell Me

Last week my colleague, Jocelyn Chipman, shared a story about her experience when online shopping. went the extra mile to wow her. But what about the in-person experience? What do consumers expect when they are experiencing face-to-face customer service? For these answers, I went to Dallas-Fort Worth airport — the world’s ninth-busiest airport in the world when it comes to passenger traffic — and asked some travelers.

What Makes You Want to Give?

In this corner of the blog we are asking people random questions about their passions and what makes them want to get involved with causes and bettering the world. I can’t promise any hard-hitting questions but rather simple insight into what drives people in such a fast-paced social media’ed world.

Today’s question: What makes you want to give?