Four Points to Remember in Your CSR Strategy

Most brands are aware that to do nothing with your Corporate Social Responsibility obligation is not only bad business, but it is also bad for your current and future employees. Here are 4 Points to take into account when you are developing or re-thinking your CSR Strategy. 1. Be Passionate about your Giving  In order to make sense throughout your organization, you need to get behind a cause that your stakeholders are passionate about.  Saying that you care about the environment without having any passion for that within your organization will only create long term pain. 2. Choose a Relevant Charity. Make sure that the cause you choose aligns with your CSR and can help progress your business goals.  Interview different causes to see how their audiences may benefit you. 3. Cash is Not King.  Your organization may be in…

So Why DID You Call?

Thought I would share a quick story with you.

Sitting on the dock at the lake with my husband, enjoying a beautiful Sunday lunch, it’s the perfect day. My mobile rings with a number I don’t recognize. Turns out it is somebody calling from a national nonprofit organization. Everything went downhill from there.

Why Fly United?

If you were to sit down right now and list three things that bring you energy and three things that drain your energy, what would they be? For purposes of this post, I am going to share my hands down number 1 thing that drains my energy and that is being around negative people.

We all have choices in life, so why not focus on what you can do to achieve a positive outcome rather than dwell on the negative? In saying this, I am going to share my United Airlines experience and while it may seem like I am focused on the negative, I am actually sharing a personal experience, which happens to be negative, in order to provide a positive solution that could be a win for the company, for a cause and for the community.

Remember When… Mom’s Arm Was Your Seatbelt?

Remember When… Mom’s Arm Was Your Seatbelt?

It’s absolutely fascinating how social media continues to shape and evolve our business and that of our customers’ businesses every day — actually every hour, every minute and every second. Whether our customers are donors, members, subscribers or consumers, how we approach, engage and respond with customers dictates how they “feel” about our organizations. It also dictates whether they are motivated to give, join, subscribe or buy from us and whether or not they will remain loyal.

The World of Two WHYs – Philanthroship

In the early development stages of The Social Ambassador, we set out to learn from the companies who would potentially be corporate partners in utilizing Social Ambassador as a platform to help them do well by doing good. It was important to understand from these organizations, based on their criteria, how they distribute both philanthropic and corporate sponsorship dollars.

My Why

Do you ever take time to think about why we do what we do, or why some activities give us energy while others drain us? For right now, let’s hold that thought and please indulge me as I dig deep into the past in search of “My Why.” Growing up, my family attended the same church that my mom and dad had attended since first arriving in the big city of Winnipeg from rural Manitoba in 1950. I vividly remember sitting in the cold little Sunday school room at the top of the stairs. In fact, just thinking about it I can smell the old books and feel that old church wrap its arms around me. I must have been about 12 years old and on this particular Sunday we had a guest join us, who shared stories about their…