Get into Your Employee’s Kitchen

The new breed of employee cares a lot about what you are doing as a company to make the world a better place. This is one of the key satisfaction points for the retention of your most important resource. If you are thinking about an employee engagement strategy, I would suggest that you include your employees by way of a survey to ensure you understand where their personal passions lie. Try to get into their “kitchen” so to speak so that whatever employee enhancements that you do can be meaningful to your inside as well as your outside constituents. Hep  

The Brilliance of E-Gaming

I just returned home from the Cause Marketing Forum in Chicago. Organizers did a fantastic job at setting up an environment of collaboration and learning. I met some awesome people from organizations that are doing some amazing social change programs. I found it to be very inspiring.

One of the coolest things that I learned and took away was looking at gaming and e-sports in a way that not many of us had thought.

WOOHOO Moments

I called this blog “WOOHOO Moments” because I believe that great experiences bring the WOOHOO out in all of us. My loyalty to a brand is simply made up of a lot of moments. Collectively those moments let me feel both emotionally and physically connected to what a brand stands for.

Here are some moments that I have experienced that are quite simple and yet very WOOHOO

Be Social, Not Do Social

Be Social, Not Do Social

How do we leave people with a great experience on social media that makes them spread the word about us? When I first started on social media, I was one of those people that signed up, accepted friend invitations and then just watched. I was not really sure about how people engaged and what types of things people engaged with.

Sponsorship for Your Bottom Line

We all need to go back to school and learn about the new business model of 2014 as it relates to sales and sales costs. Sales costs in the new model are now more than your sales costs plus your marketing costs. Today, your costs need to include sales, marketing, donations and sponsorships. Every revenue expenditure that touches your audience needs to be part of the new cost of sale equation. Sponsorships and partnerships should be studied and analyzed to give the same scrutiny as the other line items. Sponsorships need to be accountable to your bottom line. The big brands spend a ton on building software and platforms to measure every sponsorship campaign. Many brands have internal digital departments that monitor every activation and audience engagement. Your sponsorships deserve the same level of insight. Make your sponsorships as accountable…

Getting to the WOW factor

It is funny how many different explanations there are for a great experience. Some call it a “wow” factor, which covers a lot of ground and really depends on how the customer is feeling at that moment. I know for myself, little acts of surprise can bring a smile to my face, but only if it is relevant. How we make someone feel is really the WOW factor, the little gestures, the caring, empathy and yes doing some “extra” thing that demonstrates that you know the customer or are interested in getting to know the customer.