Brands Need to be More Relevant to Millennials

I was checking out the news earlier this week and noticed an article discussing what progressive brands are doing to entice the Millennial market.  The 30 somethings and less have grown up with an expectation of products and services.  They expect your quality to be great, and your price to be great and your delivery to be great.  What they are really looking for is what a brand is doing on the planet to make it a better place. This will be the determining buying decision going forward for the market that will control 50% of the spend next year. Is your brand moving in this direction?….    Are your partnerships and sponsorships strategic in their intent to show you in the best light? Now is the time to figure it out.  I can guarantee you, your competition is. Hep  …

1984 or the Jetsons?

Amazon has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. The more I read about the company and its leadership the more it becomes clear that they have not read the rule book. This is what makes Amazon so disruptive.

As a concept and a platform there is no segment of the economy that it will not or cannot touch. A truly frictionless customer engagement platform could change the way that non-profits operate. The announcement that Amazon will release a smartphone is just noise.

Who’d Have Thought Cheerios Could Be So Controversial?

I was watching CBS News Sunday Morning (which may well be the best show on television, BTW). There was a segment on Cheerios — more specifically the marketing of Cheerios. The recent Super Bowl spot featured a mom, a dad and their six-year-old daughter. The premise was that Mom and Dad were telling her that she was going to have a new sister/brother. Cheerios is consumed in the process.

Cheerios, family, kids….it all makes sense — that’s how you sell cereal.

The response on social media was overwhelmingly positive. There were some responses from people that were very upset about the spot.

Sponsorship for Your Bottom Line

We all need to go back to school and learn about the new business model of 2014 as it relates to sales and sales costs. Sales costs in the new model are now more than your sales costs plus your marketing costs. Today, your costs need to include sales, marketing, donations and sponsorships. Every revenue expenditure that touches your audience needs to be part of the new cost of sale equation. Sponsorships and partnerships should be studied and analyzed to give the same scrutiny as the other line items. Sponsorships need to be accountable to your bottom line. The big brands spend a ton on building software and platforms to measure every sponsorship campaign. Many brands have internal digital departments that monitor every activation and audience engagement. Your sponsorships deserve the same level of insight. Make your sponsorships as accountable…

When Being a Number Means Everything

When Being a Number Means Everything

On May 10, 2014, I ran in the 10th annual Fargo Marathon. As one of 24,000 participants running in this year’s event, I was proud to wear my number (bib). After all, there was only one of me, and my bib was just as important as every other bib out there. You can get a sense of the enormity of this event by watching the this video.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of participating in a large-scale race like this one, let me tell you you are missing out! The 32-person race committee is focused on the experience of each of the 24,000 participants and their families in the 363 days leading up to the race weekend.

Let’s Start Peeling the Onion of Online Stewardship

You know that feeling you get when you are a part of a team, a team that is making a difference in the world? Social Ambassador knows that feeling well. Every minute of every day you make choices, and those choices create the framework of your day. As you know, these choices mean a large portion of your day is spent in a virtual world, in the workplace, on your smartphone or tablet, and most likely in your home. We are, after all, social beings and we crave contestant entertainment or engagement. As the client marketing manager on a team of incredibly talented visionaries, I have the pleasure of being part of a team that sees the vision. The vision that one person can make a huge impact with just one action. This empowering revolution has been sweeping the Internet…