So, Why Do You Do What You Do?

There are hundreds of people laying on the beach in Puerto Vallarta right now. They are enjoying the sounds of waves crashing and feeling the wind brush against their tanned skin. Naturally, a pale Canadian guy disturbs the tranquility and starts asking them random questions. And yes, I hold up my Social Ambassador badge like it’s a police officer’s identification. Thankfully I haven’t been pepper sprayed by someone I am annoying. Geez, I feel like Howie Mandel.

Remember When… Mom’s Arm Was Your Seatbelt?

Remember When… Mom’s Arm Was Your Seatbelt?

It’s absolutely fascinating how social media continues to shape and evolve our business and that of our customers’ businesses every day — actually every hour, every minute and every second. Whether our customers are donors, members, subscribers or consumers, how we approach, engage and respond with customers dictates how they “feel” about our organizations. It also dictates whether they are motivated to give, join, subscribe or buy from us and whether or not they will remain loyal.

What Makes You Want to Give?

In this corner of the blog we are asking people random questions about their passions and what makes them want to get involved with causes and bettering the world. I can’t promise any hard-hitting questions but rather simple insight into what drives people in such a fast-paced social media’ed world.

Today’s question: What makes you want to give?