The World of Two WHYs – Philanthroship

In the early development stages of The Social Ambassador, we set out to learn from the companies who would potentially be corporate partners in utilizing Social Ambassador as a platform to help them do well by doing good. It was important to understand from these organizations, based on their criteria, how they distribute both philanthropic and corporate sponsorship dollars.

My Why

Do you ever take time to think about why we do what we do, or why some activities give us energy while others drain us? For right now, let’s hold that thought and please indulge me as I dig deep into the past in search of “My Why.” Growing up, my family attended the same church that my mom and dad had attended since first arriving in the big city of Winnipeg from rural Manitoba in 1950. I vividly remember sitting in the cold little Sunday school room at the top of the stairs. In fact, just thinking about it I can smell the old books and feel that old church wrap its arms around me. I must have been about 12 years old and on this particular Sunday we had a guest join us, who shared stories about their…