Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Little Titus’s life was hanging in the balance. The cute puppy had behavioral issues and a skin condition requiring expensive medication. Like many dogs at a humane society, Titus had a short shelf life since he couldn’t attract someone to give him a forever home. He was, what they call, a “death row dog” – scheduled to be euthanized at noon.

Titus was found wandering alongside a busy street, dodging rush-hour traffic. As cars slowed when Titus weaved in and out of the lanes, he attempted to approach the cars possibly thinking they were there to rescue him.

WOOHOO Moments

I called this blog “WOOHOO Moments” because I believe that great experiences bring the WOOHOO out in all of us. My loyalty to a brand is simply made up of a lot of moments. Collectively those moments let me feel both emotionally and physically connected to what a brand stands for.

Here are some moments that I have experienced that are quite simple and yet very WOOHOO

The World of Two WHYs – Philanthroship

In the early development stages of The Social Ambassador, we set out to learn from the companies who would potentially be corporate partners in utilizing Social Ambassador as a platform to help them do well by doing good. It was important to understand from these organizations, based on their criteria, how they distribute both philanthropic and corporate sponsorship dollars.