Capacity Rather Than Conflict

We’ve had some push-back from digital departments about deploying Social Ambassador campaigns on their behalf. Many managers suggest that they have the tools and the people that can handle what we do.

Our experience suggests that most digital departments are overworked already with what they have on their plate and can’t take on any more campaign projects.

Here is some good news: Our team is completely self contained and we are able to deliver cause marketing sponsorship campaigns from concept to completion.

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Death Row Dog’s Final Moments at Shelter

Little Titus’s life was hanging in the balance. The cute puppy had behavioral issues and a skin condition requiring expensive medication. Like many dogs at a humane society, Titus had a short shelf life since he couldn’t attract someone to give him a forever home. He was, what they call, a “death row dog” – scheduled to be euthanized at noon.

Titus was found wandering alongside a busy street, dodging rush-hour traffic. As cars slowed when Titus weaved in and out of the lanes, he attempted to approach the cars possibly thinking they were there to rescue him.

Why Fly United?

If you were to sit down right now and list three things that bring you energy and three things that drain your energy, what would they be? For purposes of this post, I am going to share my hands down number 1 thing that drains my energy and that is being around negative people.

We all have choices in life, so why not focus on what you can do to achieve a positive outcome rather than dwell on the negative? In saying this, I am going to share my United Airlines experience and while it may seem like I am focused on the negative, I am actually sharing a personal experience, which happens to be negative, in order to provide a positive solution that could be a win for the company, for a cause and for the community.

So, Why Do You Do What You Do?

There are hundreds of people laying on the beach in Puerto Vallarta right now. They are enjoying the sounds of waves crashing and feeling the wind brush against their tanned skin. Naturally, a pale Canadian guy disturbs the tranquility and starts asking them random questions. And yes, I hold up my Social Ambassador badge like it’s a police officer’s identification. Thankfully I haven’t been pepper sprayed by someone I am annoying. Geez, I feel like Howie Mandel.

My Why

Do you ever take time to think about why we do what we do, or why some activities give us energy while others drain us? For right now, let’s hold that thought and please indulge me as I dig deep into the past in search of “My Why.” Growing up, my family attended the same church that my mom and dad had attended since first arriving in the big city of Winnipeg from rural Manitoba in 1950. I vividly remember sitting in the cold little Sunday school room at the top of the stairs. In fact, just thinking about it I can smell the old books and feel that old church wrap its arms around me. I must have been about 12 years old and on this particular Sunday we had a guest join us, who shared stories about their…