Four Points to Remember in Your CSR Strategy

Most brands are aware that to do nothing with your Corporate Social Responsibility obligation is not only bad business, but it is also bad for your current and future employees. Here are 4 Points to take into account when you are developing or re-thinking your CSR Strategy. 1. Be Passionate about your Giving  In order to make sense throughout your organization, you need to get behind a cause that your stakeholders are passionate about.  Saying that you care about the environment without having any passion for that within your organization will only create long term pain. 2. Choose a Relevant Charity. Make sure that the cause you choose aligns with your CSR and can help progress your business goals.  Interview different causes to see how their audiences may benefit you. 3. Cash is Not King.  Your organization may be in…

Google Plus Gaining Traction

Google Plus is fast becoming an important part of Social Media engagements. I know, I know, not another platform that I have to pay attention to. Google Plus is an extension of Google. So… it goes to reason that if you want to get noticed on the world’s largest search engine, you need to be on Google Plus. Here are 3 quick points why Google Plus is a must for your business. 1. Relationship building is key Understand that industry Influencer exist on all Social Media platforms. Google Plus is no different. Extending your reach to these giants could give you the visibility locally that you have been craving on Google. Think if the influencer has a need in your market. Who are they going to call or recommend? It might as well be you, because you did the heavy…

Capacity Rather Than Conflict

We’ve had some push-back from digital departments about deploying Social Ambassador campaigns on their behalf. Many managers suggest that they have the tools and the people that can handle what we do.

Our experience suggests that most digital departments are overworked already with what they have on their plate and can’t take on any more campaign projects.

Here is some good news: Our team is completely self contained and we are able to deliver cause marketing sponsorship campaigns from concept to completion.