Google Plus is fast becoming an important part of Social Media engagements. I know, I know, not another platform that I have to pay attention to. Google Plus is an extension of Google. So… it goes to reason that if you want to get noticed on the world’s largest search engine, you need to be on Google Plus. Here are 3 quick points why Google Plus is a must for your business.
1. Relationship building is key
Understand that industry Influencer exist on all Social Media platforms. Google Plus is no different. Extending your reach to these giants could give you the visibility locally that you have been craving on Google. Think if the influencer has a need in your market. Who are they going to call or recommend? It might as well be you, because you did the heavy lifting to start that relationship
2. SEO – If you want to rank, you need to play by Google’s rules.
Is SEO (search engine optimization) important to your business? Creating a Google Plus page will feed into the Google engine, thus creating more traction on Google. The more Google applications that you employ and deploy in your business, the better the ranking.
3. Google Plus is growing by leaps and bounds
Google plus is now a part of 25% of Internet users Social Platforms and growing.
Time to Check out Google Plus. It is the platform that Google wants you to like, and to use. Don’t argue with the big dog on the block.





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